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    Fitness and physique have always been important to me and, as I have become older, health has also become increasingly important.  I have long utilized weight lifting and cardio to stay in shape, however since menopause, these along with dieting were not enough.... I was losing the battle.  Not willing to give in, I realized that there was no room for an ineffective plan, I needed a 100% effective plan.  After considering retaining a nutritionist or dietician, I chose to retain Nancy's services as a fitness coach because she had a lifelong record of success in maintaining the highest levels of physique and fitness.  As a physician, I know how to eat properly, however, Nancy completely reworked my diet and I noticed immediate and sustained results.  Her coaching enabled me to define and try new eating and training habits.  Once we fine tuned these methods to fit my life, then her coaching provided the structure to reinforce these methods until they became habits.  Her coaching tone and skills are excellent.  I highly recommend Nancy as a lifestyle/fitness/physique coach to help you achieve your goals.


    Teresa Sligh, MD, CPI




    I have trained with Nancy for the last 6 months and was extremely impressed with the time Nancy took with me to get me ready for my first Figure competition at the age of 53.She made sure I was feeling good emotionally and physically which is so very important.


    A lot of trainers feel you need to suffer in contest prep and I never felt like I had low energy or that I was starving even in the last days of prep!I came into my competition prepped and ready to step on stage!

    Nancy's Skype sessions improved my posing 500%! She taught me how to look elegant on stage and improved my self confidence not just for the stage but in everyday life. I had a incredible experience competing with Nancy! She was with me the whole time back stage with posing and gluing my suit. I didn't see one other trainer backstage with their girls! Through this wonderful journey Nancy has not only been a trainer but a true friend!


    Linda Flynn


  • LISA

    Nancy Georges as my Figure Coach and Life Coach has been amazing. I have been working with her since March 2009. My results have been phenomenal, she is so supportive and innovative. I know that the information comes from many years of experiences and her heart.


    Lisa Gore


    Working with Nancy really changed my life completely! Her understanding of psychology  and her other tools that she utilizes during and after the training are incredible! My life changed from inside out.


    I carry with me the knowledge to continue on my own, which is priceless. She provided me with tools and empowered me to leave my life with wealth and happiness with not just me, but also with my family as well. Thank you so much for being always there for me!:))


    When I discovered Nancy Georges' newsletters I was more than inspired to compete again. I knew she was the person to get me back on track mentally, emotionally, and physically. For the past two contest prep sessions, I've had the best experiences on stage! Nancy's coaching and hypnosis programs not only helped me through my pre-contest days, but through daily life stresses during the off season and he big show day.

     Thank You Nancy!

  • MARY

    Nancy was such a sound, calming force both during competition season as well as during my recurring and debilitating back injury which prevented me from reaching my fitness goals as a competitor. She is a woman of incredible depth and breadth of all aspects of the health and fitness industry. Her expertise in the world of the "psychology" of food, dieting, and keeping the "life/work/competing" balance is invaluable. Those of us "veterans" who have been doing this awhile know there are many "layers" in the fitness industry, especially when one chooses to take it to the "next level".


     I truly value her "life lessons" which she taught me and have a special "Nancy Journal" which I still refer to.




    Besides being an icon in the fitness and bodybuilding industry, I believe Nancy Georges is more than that.  I have reached out to her several times over the years after communicating with her years ago on a fitness forum and she has always responded to me with an intelligent and upbeat way of looking at the situation.


    It wasn't until this year I sent her a few emails about my intense contest prep and I wasn't feeling like myself.  She made some suggestions on what her programs offer and I didn't sign up with her until I got to the point where I thought this was a great option for me to get back on my feet.  Nancy's mental coaching program is exactly what I needed.  She's positive, encouraging, funny and down to earth.  I look forward to our Skype sessions and am sad when we have to hang up.  This program is one of a kind and not one you can find in your everyday personal trainer or coach.  Thank you Nancy for what you do.

Most athletes will agree when it comes show day, what separates the champions from the rest of the pack is mindset. A champion mindset does not get built the day of the show. A champion mindset gets cultivated over the duration of the contest prep. A champion mindset is built on overcoming challenges and obstacles. Many athletes fear failure, they fear success, they worry if they are on schedule with the diet, wonder if they are pleasing their coach, trainer, or significant other. Am I good enough just as I am? Is a common theme that leaves one feeling insecure. This should be a journey of empowerment and passion, not doubt and worry. As an IFBB Pro Figure athlete and certified Mental Game Coach, I specialize in mental training for fitness, figure, bikini, physique, and bodybuilding. Mental training is the true secret to successful athletes. Mental training builds confidence and creates a focused, disciplined and fun contest prep experience. I utilize a combination of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Strategies, as well as Sport Psychology, to help you cultivate the champion mindset you are envisioning. Some Areas of Mental Training Include:
 Goal Achievement Releasing Limiting Beliefs Performance Enhancement Physique Improvement Sports Performance Increasing Mental Focus Improve Communication Skills Aligning Goals With Values Increasing Intrinsic Motivation Enhancing the Will to Win Stress Reduction Anxiety Reduction Releasing Emotional Blocks Flow Training Overcoming the Fear of Failure Overcoming the Fear of Success Breaking Through Mental Barriers Confidence Building Overcoming Slumps Championship Thinking Stress Control Breath Control Concentration Training Pre-event Mental Preparation Zone Skills Fill out the Coaching Request Form, and let's start the conversation of taking you to the next level. Once I receive your application, I will be contacting you for a phone session to get the details about your unique story. Mental Training Packages Session Packages 3, 6 and 12 Month Programs

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