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In your quest to find the right competition prep coach, you have undoubtedly come across so much conflicting information that if this is your first time competing, you are by now more scared than excited to compete. Metabolic  damage, burnout, and eating disorders are all the rage now in competition prep articles and websites. Everyone seems to claim that they are the right coach and everyone else is doing it wrong and eventually you will end up with an eating disorder or adrenal fatigue. I am not saying these are not worthy considerations when selecting a contest prep coach, but I am here to tell you that competing should be fun, and you should feel healthy throughout the process. And if this is not your first time competing, but you are looking for a different experience, I am here to tell you that you should enjoy your prep and you should feel excited and happy when you step on stage. You certainly should not  end up with some disordered food relationship or adrenal fatigue. Having said that, competing is not for everyone. That is the truth. It takes tough skin and a willingness to sacrifice. But there is a healthy way to do all of this. Seriously, there is a way to have a healthy competition prep experience, as well as a healthy off season experience. If you are tired of burning yourself out physically and emotionally, then you have come to the place where you can find balance.


What makes me different? I specialize in physical AND emotional transformation. When you work with me you will find a place to rest. This sounds counter-intuitive to what you have been told you need to do. I know. Your journey, although not easy, should also not be a fight. I will meet whatever internal and external conflict that arises for you, by holding space for you to receive your transformation on your terms as it is true and right for you.


I don't have a few years experience in the industry, I have 25 years of experience. That is not to take away from coaches who are new, but there is so much more to contest prep than nutrition 101. I competed in the first ever Fitness America Pageant in 1989 and I won Ms. Fitness USA way back in 1991. I was competing before the NPC had fitness, figure,  bikini and physique. I switched over to NPC Figure as soon as the division became available and received my IFBB Pro card in 2007. Does all of this make me qualified to coach? Of course not.  What does is my relentless determination to increase my coaching skills. I take new courses every year to enrich my skills as an effective coach and communicator so that together as a team we have the most positive experience possible. You can go to the ABOUT section for a list of my certifications and education.


What else makes me unique is my emphasis on fun as well as health and wellness. In addition, I emphasize equally nutrition and psychology. I earned my Bachelor's degree in Psychology from UC Davis and I am currently working on my Master's degree in counseling psychology. That is how important the mental side of this game is. The mental side is so important that I offer hypnotherapy to all of my coaching clients in addition to offering off season coaching and mental coaching. Many people say abs are made in the kitchen. I disagree, abs are made in your mind.


So, if you are looking to get in the best shape of your life AND you want the emotional as well as the physical transformation, then I would love to have a phone consultation with you to explore in more detail if we are a good fit to work together.





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